My name is Ron Ostafichuk, and I am a software developer living in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada.  I have been coding since the PET computer was released, and I am still loving geeking out on my computer after all these years!

I used to be part of the Microsoft Windows ecosystem, but in 2008 I got a full time job for a company doing Linux, Matlab and web stuff as a DevOp and got heavily into using open source code professionally instead of just recreationally. Most people won’t believe how much faster and reliable Linux is for everything. Even debugging applications is faster!

I decided to create this site because I want to give back to the community of Linux developers that had given me so much to work with. The first thing I released as open source are some simple javascript widgets that can be used by any site to display information in a graphical way using the HTML5 standard. These widgets are not dependant on any libraries and should work fine on all major browsers. They work great on my android phone too.

If you are into flight simulators, I have written a complete RC flight simulator in Javascript that is free to play (ronsrcsim.com). This simulator works by calculating the forces on each triangle that defines the aircraft. It is not as good as a commercial simulator, but it is surprisingly good for something that took a few months to code in my free time.

I have recently been playing with the Raspberry Pi device, and love it! I am posting some of the work I do on the Pi in hopes that I can help others. My latest project of a full sized Dalek has been very fun for me and my kids.

Thanks for visiting!