Nerf Rival Apollo Pump Action Mod

The Nerf Rival Series is a ton of fun to play with your kids, however there is always room for improvement to some of their designs. The Apollo in particular has a priming mechanism that forces the player to awkwardly reach over the gun to prime the next shot. I found a great Mod on thingiverse to turn it into a more typical pump action, and modified the design further to be easier to print on a smaller 3D printer, as well I changed it to use 8mm rods and glue instead of bolts and metal bars to make it much easier to assemble for those without metal cutting and drilling tools. The 3D files can be found at the following links.
Pump Grip and Connector
Multi Part Barrel
Custom Stock

Assembled Tank Tread and Motor mounts

Here is the assembled tread and motor mount. Using a 12V 2A power supply I tested each unit and found that they work nicely. The motors are 30 rpm, so 1 rotation of the wheel every 2 seconds resulting in a nice slow robot that should be easy for me to control with the Raspberry Pi.

The final assemlby is below.

Right side up.

Next I will be building mounts for the DC motor controllers and the raspberry Pi.

Raspberry-PI : Robot Tank Treads Progress

I have created a wheel design for driving the tank tracks for my mini Raspberry PI robot. The STL file is available here on

Also found a couple worm gear motors that will run at 30rpm at 12V (Unloaded) on . They have a 6mm D-shaft that is a little short, but should be ok.

Next step is to build a 3D design for mounting the motors and holding the wheels in position within the track.

Will try to post some pictures soon.

3D Printer Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus!

A friend of mine is really into 3D printing, it looked like so much fun that I bought a ‘Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus’ for $649 from the same place he got his, It has been a great experience so far. I have been printing almost non-stop for the last month! This printer is very well built and I can definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to get started.

I have been using for all my designs, here are links to a few of the models I have built. I am slowly building up a tank type robot for my Raspberry Pi. Fun stuff!

Nerf to Picatinny Rail Converter
Modified Picatinny Riser For Airsoft
8cm by 2cm Tank Treads for my Raspberry Pi Robot Project
Tank Tread Wheel for the Tank Treads

Here are my almost finished tank treads…