RC Sim has new keyboard controls

I was playing without a gampad trying to fly my RC simulator and noticed how horrible it was, so I rewrote the keyboard controls.
The new controls do not require a numberpad, and are as follows:
[x] [w] for 100% elevator up and down.
[a] [d] for 100% aileron left and right.
[q] [e] for 20% throttle increments.
This is much easier to operate than the old method. So for people who want to try it out without a gamepad this is your best option.
Try it out here.

RC Simulator finally has a decent Skybox

Sample of Skybox now used in my WebGL RC Flight Simulator
I would like to thank Heiko Irrgang at 93-interactive.com for posting some really nice skybox’s that are free to use. I have used his ‘TropicalSunnyDay’ Skybox in my RC flight simulator. Looks so much nicer than the old one I hacked together. I just did not have time to do a good job on it, thanks again!

Other Changes:

  • Moved a bunch of the more commonly used features onto the main page with simple icons to click. Much easier to hand launch with 1 click!
  • Reduced the load time a bit by using a fixed terrain instead of randomly generating one on every page load. Hopefully it is a little quicker to load now.
  • Use the arrows keys to move around the flying field.

Fix to flight sim Gamepad control

I did not realize it until someone tracked me down, but the Gamepad API for my flight simulator was failing. This API seems to change quite often, so I have fixed it once again and updated the web site RonsRCSim. If you have trouble playing it, please send an email to ron@ostafichuk.com and I will fix it.

RonsRCSim now using latest Gamepad API

I noticed that gamepad.js was getting out of date and the latest chrome browser was not compatible anymore, so I rewrote the gamepad handling according to the spec on mozilla.org. It should work on the latest Chrome/Chromium and Firefox now. Try out the flight sim here. You may need to set up your controller in the Options->Game Pad Config to get started, remember to click a button on the gamepad after the page opens so that it gets recognized as an available controller.

RonsRCSim Game Controller Configuration

It has been a while, so I thought I would get the game pad configuration working. You can find it by clicking the Options button and then the ‘Game Pad Config’ button. All detected game pads will show up in drop down list, and a live display of all detected axis and buttons is displayed at the bottom of the dialog to help with selection. The main reason for this config is to try to support some of the USB adapters for real flight transmitters, also some game controllers have different default axis so this will help.  The preferences you choose will get saved in the local storage for the browser so you will not need to manually set them every time.  Happy flying!

Click here to Play

RonsRCSim streamer support

If you have ever flown with a streamer behind your RC airplane you will like this new feature. I have added a 25 meter (80ft) streamer behind the aircraft. You can toggle it on and off with the ‘s’ key. When you turn it off if disconnects and floats to the ground. This is the start of adding a multi-player feature to the game so you can play ‘cut the streamer’.

RonsRCSim Ground Handling Improvement

Today I decided to improve the ground handling physics of the RC simulator. It is funny how I seem to always have my best ideas and understanding of math when I am completely sleep deprived… So I changed the physics engine to apply a reactionary force from the ground (y direction) as well as a friction force in the opposite direction of motion (on the x,z plane). This worked nicely, but I had to check to see if the point was representing a wheel or not to decide how much friction to apply. I still need to alter the forces based on the direction of the wheel verses the direction of motion, but that can wait for another sleep deprived day! Hope you like dragging your wing tip and spiraling into the ground 😉 I know I prefer to do it on the simulator rather than in real life…

RonsRCSim FT-Old Sportster

I started working on the FT-Mini Sportster, but it is so tiny that the prop torque makes it almost impossible to fly. Obviously my physics model is not quite up to the task, I need to build support for an engine offset angle like the real FT-Mini’s need to fly. Instead of getting stuck, I decided to scale up the mini by 2 and call it the FT-Old Sportster and release it right away while I continue to work on the physics engine. The Old Sportster is not exactly to scale to the original FT-Old Sportster since it was linearly scaled up from the mini, but it will fly very slow making it a great trainer.


RonsRCSim Flying Stick trainer

I finally added a trainer to the list of airplanes. It is a flying stick with a small amount of dihedral. I also increased the Cd (essentially the force due to air on the surfaces) used in the physics engine to see if it would result in a better simulation. Unfortunately the calculations seem unstable with used on android tablets, not sure why yet, I will work on it…

RonsRCSim added propeller simulation

So winter is here, Sunday at 3am I was laying awake and realized I had not worked on my RC flight sim in a while. The idea that I should simulate the forces on the propeller instead of using a simple force jumped into my mind and I could not get rid of it, so in the morning I got up and wrote it. So now the propellers for the aircraft are simulated to be roughly an 8X5 , 2 blade prop spinning with a max rpm of around 11K. With the 2X scale aircraft I simulate a 13X5 prop. The tricky bit was to take into account the air speed vector properly. One benefit of doing this is that I found and fixed a small calculation bug in the RC Helicopter blade force. Now when you hover your 3D plane or accelerate the engine at the maximum, you will notice a large amount of torque roll (I need to ramp the engine acceleration to make this more realistic). As well the top speed of the aircraft seems to be more realistic due to the prop force being calculated properly on the fast moving air, relatively speaking.

Give the new version a try here, I hope you like it! My kids are still having fun with this, and it looks like I need to start adding some more aircraft and features so they don’t get bored… Probably more explosions too…