Ski Bike Build

I recently sold my old ski-bike thinking that I did not have time for it. It was a beauty built by my friend Ric (a certified ski-bike instructor) at It was built on a serious DH bike, the Kona Stinky, and it was a blast to ride!
As soon as the ski season started, I began to miss my ski bike! I ski, and snowboard, but when you are seriously beat up (like I was over the Christmas holidays from a snowboarding crash) and your ribs can’t handle skiing, then a ski-bike is the best way to go. I had a bicycle laying around so I started working.

I got the kit from a great guy in Calgary who builds and sells mounting kits for ski bikes, his website is For $100 you get a solid kit. My old kit was from and was very fancy, but it was just too much money with the low Canadian dollar, and I have a BikeTheSlopes kit on my kids ski bike that has been rock solid, so I saved a lot of cash and went with BikeTheSlopes!

I ordered a set of 100cm kids skis from (my favorite source for ski stuff!), and got started slowly.

Here is the donor bike, an old ebike that I used for a couple years, before the battery died at which point it was too expensive to replace ($800 really, I thought batteries were getting cheaper!).
EBike Donor

I stripped off the unneeded bits.

Then I found the balance point for the skis using a screwdriver and marked a point 5mm (10mm is better) to the front so that the end result will be a ski that is tail heavy so the tip will rise if you do a jump.

I marked the center of each mounting bracket to line up with the mark on the ski and placed the mount over the ski as evenly as possible. Then I marked the holes with a sharpie marker and drilled them first with a very small bit to ensure the center is kept, and then a larger bit (forgot the size oops) to get the holes to the proper size for the screws.

Here is the front mount being attached. Be careful not to overtighten and strip the screws, there are 6 per ski so you don’t need to go all gorilla on it.

Mounts attached with the connecting bolts in place.

It just takes a little bit of fiddling with 2 wrenches to make sure the bolts are locked in place on the nuts, but I also put locktight on the final outer bolt as it is attached to the bicycle. The foot pegs are shown here as well, they are very simple to attach, a single bolt and 9/16 wrench. Pay no attention to the Jazzy scooter in the background, it will get done eventually… 😉

I still need some hand grips, but I had time to post, so it is good enough for now.
Here is a better pic outside.

I took it for a small rip, and it is feeling very responsive. Can’t wait to take it out to the hill!

One minor thing that bothered me was the possibility of a ski tip dropping into the snow during a jump or trick (Alpine skip bikes has a system to prevent this), so I have put some elastic cords on the bike to prevent having a very bad day.

Front Ski

Rear Ski

Now up to the ceiling with you for now!

If you are interested in ski-bikes, try the links at the top of the page. There is lots of info on their sites.