DBFEngine Precision

My old nemesis ‘precision’ has once again reared it’s ugly face. I missed the stringstream precision settings (stupidly assuming the string stream would recognize a double vs. a float type, bad assumption). The stringsteam library is a good example of where bugs come from. Anyways, fixed it and updated the page and github.

DBF Engine minor update

Added a faster way to read doubles (type=’B’) without string conversion from the DBF, the function is called readFieldAsDouble(int). Sometimes, strings are just too slow when you have a lot of data!


So I finally had time to post the DBFEngine I wrote in C++ as open source. It can read and write simple dbf (foxpro) files. It was made for people who needed an easy way to import and export without having to use ADO or some other huge database engine. Enjoy! DBFEngine

MODBUS on the Raspberry pi

Today I compiled a simple MODBUS application to run on the Raspberry Pi. Since MODBUS has no security build into the standard, this will only be good for home or private networks, or through a VPN tunnel. My goal is to make a simple device that can be used to monitor things around the house. The first thing I am going to monitor and control is my garage door and man door in the garage. I will be posting all the instructions under the Pi Projects Section on the site as I complete it.

Javascript Horizontal Bar Gauge

I have just released a simple horizontal Bar Gauge under the javascript section. The purpose of this gauge is to be used on mobile apps where a smaller rectangular gauge (wider and shorter) is a better fit. As usual it is free for anyone to use in any way they like as long as they leave the license text intact.

The beginning

So I finally got around to creating my web site using wordpress.  I deal with html, php, javascript and c++ all day, every day, so I wanted a quick simple site for posting some of my open source code.