Ram 1500 ‘Puddle’ light fix

My 4 year old Ram 1500 mirror puddle lights failed recently, so I went to the dealer and was shocked when they wanted $74 per side plus $45 labor. I was really upset because I expected the LED’s to last the life of the vehicle, and the price was unreasonable. Since bright white LED’s cost almost nothing, I ordered a pack of 20 pre-wired 12V ready white LED’s from Amazon for $5 including shipping. After drilling 3 holes in each old light holder and soldering the wires up (Thick terminal is negative) I now have working lights that are brighter than the originals. It took me half an hour total, which is how long their mechanics supposedly would take to pop them out and back in. I posted this just to encourage anyone who can run a drill and a soldering iron to do this instead of letting the dealers take your money for such a minor job.
Dodge RAM 1500, Puddle lights on workbench with installed LEDs

Dodge RAM 1500, View of repaired and installed Puddle Light

I also got a pack of 20 Amber LED’s for the signal lights as 2 have burned out on one side. I will fix that tomorrow!