Review of EteckCity ‘Measure Up’ Digital Multimeter

This is the second product that EtekCity sent me for free for my honest review as part of their EtekCitizen program.
I requested this multimeter from them because I am constantly looking for my voltmeter, and needed an extra one to leave with my RC gear. This one retails for $16.98 on

Package for EtekCity Digital Multimeter

I have used this quite a bit in the last 2 days. I have too many large batteries around (for my Dalek, and a wooden go kart I built ), so I decided to give them all a check as well as test some continuity on some of the circuits I have built for my Dalek. I also did some resistive measurements on some bits of RC stuff as well. So far I am happy with this multimeter, it seems to work as expected. Is has a fast settle time (unlike my old tester) and the backlight makes reading the display very easy.
EtekCity Digital Multimeter
EtekCity Digital Multimeter

EtekCity Multimeter backlight

It feels very solid, and runs on a 9V battery. The only problem I have with it is that there is no battery cover, instead you need to take the unit apart (2 screws) to change the battery. Also it does not auto power down, so try not to forget to turn it off.
EtekCity Digital Multimeter taken apart
Disassembled for battery replacement check

Conclusion: I am pretty happy with it, it will have a permanent spot on my RC workbench.