Review of EtekCity ‘Roverbeats Bravo’ Headset (3.5mm with microphone)

So I signed up for EtekCitizen free products in exchange for honest reviews to give it a try (ie. They gave me this ‘Roverbeat Bravo’ headset for free so take my review as a paid advertisement). I recently bought a food scale from them for weighing my RC planes and components and was thrilled with the quality of the scale, so I signed up hoping to get more great quality stuff as I was looking for a gaming headset for the kids. When I received the shipment it was well packaged.

EtekCity Headset with microphone

It has very decent sound quality compared to my other much more expensive headset (AKG, K99 Perception), and worked perfectly with my Windows 10 pc and google hangouts, but it definitely feels a bit cheap, the ear padding is super soft and thin and I worry that it will wear out very quickly, only time will tell.
EteckCity Headset with Microphone 3.5mm jacks
Out of the box

I am used to much higher quality audio gear, but this headset retails for $17.99 on so of course I am not going to find it up to par with my usual gear. However for a $17.99 price I would say it is actually a good value for money, I have given it to my kids and they have been using it for their gaming and loving it.
In conclusion: Not high end (duh, look at the price), but good value and so far it has been great for kids gaming. Happy kids = happy dad.