Ron’s RC Simulator

In December 2013 I decided to work on an RC flight Sim in javascript and WebGL cause it was so cold outside! Brrrrrr… stupid winter…

Warning, Will only work on modern (and standards compliant) browsers like Chrome(Win,Mac,Linux) or Firefox(Win,Mac,Linux) or Android devices.

Click here to Play.

RCimulator WebGL RC Flight Simulator with FT-3D aircraft selected
RCimulator WebGL Flight simulator with RC Helicpoter TREX-450 selected


Android Tablets tested ok on Nexus 5,7 and Samsung Galaxy S5.
Gamepad support, tested ok on Logitech ‘USB dual axis controller’ and a PS3 Controller connected with a USB cable on Linux, some users report that it works fine with xbox controller on windows. Please let me know if you try it on anything else, and how it works.
Web Audio Support, thanks to tutorials from HTML5Rocks, now called
WebGL Support, working nicely using the THREE.JS library, thanks mrDoob, you rock!
Shoot pellets.
Drop Bombs.
Explosions, targets to hit.
Improved GUI to adjust game options.
Display Physics debug information and force arrows to see real time forces acting on the aircraft using my custom physics engine.
Choose from one of six aircraft (planes, gliders , quads, helicopters, more on the way…)

How it works:

My simulation is done using an attempt at simulation of air forces on the actual polygons that make up the aircraft. I chose this technique because I wanted to make a simulation that would attempt to fly any crazy design that people could think of, and traditional simulators deal with traditional aircraft types. This simulator can approximate the actual forces of any shape you feed into it.

Why did I build it:

I got back into flying RC’s in the summer of 2013 thanks to some great YouTube communities. Actually it is mostly due to the guys at Been having fun building foam sheet RC airplanes thanks to these guys, and I wanted to help the guys at FliteTest to interest more young people in the hobby by providing a free RC simulator that will work with a game pad and does not require any software installation, it also runs on Windows or Linux or Mac.
I run only Linux at home, and there were not many flight sims available for Linux so I figured why not create one that works on almost every operating system out there!
Finally, I find just practicing flying to get boring after a while, I wanted to build a simulator that would let me have a bit more fun. Shooting at targets and chasing down drones (or another pilot) seems like a good way to put some fun into it!


Android Tablet:
Put your fingers on the flight sticks that appear on the left and right side of the screen and move them as if you are using a mode 2 transmitter.
Left = throttle and rudder
Right = elevator and aileron

Gamepad Controls:
Left Stick: throttle and rudder (mode 2 in RC speak)
Right Stick: Elevator and Aileron
L1: shoot fast small bullets, L2: shoot larger slower bullets
R1: Drop small bombs, R2: Drop large bombs

d -> drop aircraft from 200 meters (for gliders)
t -> throw (for gearless aircraft)
r -> reset aircraft on airstrip
v -> iterate through camera modes
s -> toggle the streamer on or cut it off and have it drift to the ground

View Angle -> Use + and – to adjust
e -> toggle control Expo off or on at (30%)

If you do not have a game pad or tablet then you can use the number pad to fly:
N2 and N8 for elevator,
N4 and N6 for ailerons
N3 and N9 for throttle
N5 -> center the controls
N1 -> guns, N7 -> Bombs

Click here for current development plans and change Log page

Credits for this app:
Awesome resource for HTML5
Awesome 3D framework for the web!
Awesome javascript de-awfulizer!
All sounds have been either made by myself or downloaded from
Custom built foamy aircraft is based on the FT-3D from!
Images were created with or downloaded from a free image site that I can’t remember right now…
Some great quality textures from

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