Ron’s RC Simulator Plans and Change Log

Current Work items:

  • Fun elements to simulator, ie. moving targets, obstacles with collision detection…
  • Add dual motor support with optional rudder mixing.

Future features

There are many features I want to add (in order of priority):
1. A few different Aircraft types (Glider, Trainer, Delta wing, Jet…, Quadracopter, Helicopter)
2. Dual motor support with optional rudder mixing (For the FT-Kraken!)
3. Custom Aircraft builder interface for making foamy aircraft to fly in the sim.
4. Destructible Terrain based on voxeljs or something similar.
5. Network play so you can dogfight your friends. ie. more fun
6. Ground and Air based targets (Drones) with score keeping system.
7. Gamepad configuration dialog to change controls and button assignments.

Please enter suggestions for new features in the comments for this page, or just let me know if I am heading in the right direction. I would like to hear what features people want for this Simulator.

Recent Change Log

date:        Sat Feb 21
summary:     Fixed streamer on aircraft reset.  Improved smoothness of view for follow and lead.

date:        Fri Feb 20
summary:     Fixed bug that caused the gamepad dialog to refuse to close if no gamepads exist.
summary:     Got gamepad config working It will finally detect my SALI USB dongle for my transmitter, however the dongle does not seem to work properly with my DX6i transmitter. Configuration is saved in local browser storage.

date:        Sun Feb 08
summary:     More code completed on gamepad config.

date:        Sat Feb 07
summary:     Got a lot of the Gamepad config interface working.

date:        Wed Jan 14
summary:     Improved Streamer physics by making the wind blow the ribbon around.

date:        Sun Jan 04
summary:     Fixed streamer position for models with scale other than 1.

date:        Sat Jan 03, 2015
summary:     Got 25 meter long streamer working for desktop version
summary:     Fixed the keycode for iterating through the views.
Mon Dec 22,2014
summary:     First step towards better aircraft destruction.  Made the control surfaces fly off during crash.  Made rotational damping factors more consistent with thicker air density.  Made aircraft explosion have 3 sizes of blocks to look a little different.

date:        Mon Dec 15
summary:     Do NOT adjust ground reaction for frame rate, does not work for low frame rates!

date:        Mon Dec 15
summary:     Turn off shadows for mobile users because frame rate fell to 2 fps

date:        Mon Dec 15
summary:     Made ground reaction scale with frame rate properly.  Fixed check for mobile to make sure antialias is not turned on.

date:        Mon Dec 15
summary:     Fixed landing gear on old sportster.  Increased ground reaction factor by 10.

date:        Mon Dec 15
summary:     Show the Loading... message until the textures all load because new version of THREEJS fails to handle display of pending textures properly. (Wish I had not upgraded)

date:        Sat Dec 13
summary:     Fixed the location that bullets start from to be the minz of the aircraft

date:        Thu Dec 11
summary:     Reduced power on sportster to be more realistic

date:        Thu Dec 11
summary:     Added antialias for desktop users.  Added Shadows, but not fully working.

date:        Wed Dec 10
summary:     Added collision detection for bullets and explosions but not bombs.

date:        Tue Dec 09
summary:     Upgraded to r69 of three.js  has to rename some functions, had to wait for all textures to load, had to change Vector3 places that overwrote existing Vector3() with a copy() or other function.  Can not do that anymore, very annoying change to ThreeJS library!!!

date:        Tue Dec 09
summary:     Big improvement to ground handling, added friction components to each point that contacts the ground!  Now if a wingtip drags it will react properly!

date:        Sat Nov 29
summary:     Finished the Sportster model

date:        Fri Nov 28
summary:     Added FT-Old Sporster and Flying Stick.  tweaks to physics engine

date         Sun Nov 23
summary:     Simulate the forces on a spinning propeller for all aircraft instead of using simplified force vector.  Hello Torque Roll!

Long time no changes, enjoying summer...

date:        Mon May 19 10:03:52 2014 -0600
summary:     Big GUI change, use dialogs for setting the program options to reduce the screen clutter. Added dialog for keyboard control list.

date:        Sun May 18 13:36:55 2014 -0600
summary:     Removed Extra Drag calculations, which improved the frame rate by 50%.  Improved the Heli Physics.  Improved the Throttle force calculations.

date:        Thu May 01 14:59:25 2014 -0600
summary:     Fixed stability problem during load by making sure render got called once before the main animation loop was entered.

date:        Sat Apr 05 08:16:09 2014 -0600
summary:     Fixed reset point for X2 aircraft.  Moved cg of FT-racer ahead a bit so X2 version would not be so aft.

date:        Tue Apr 01 20:15:17 2014 -0600
summary:     Reduced air friction drag factor on aircraft by half.  Added 2X scale versions of many of the airplanes to celebrate 400 episode with X2 scale.

date:        Wed Mar 26 20:41:01 2014 -0600
summary:     Missed a density factor.

date:        Wed Mar 26 19:34:39 2014 -0600
summary:     Added Loading... message, disabled context menu which caused problems on mobile devices when controlling the aircraft

date:        Sun Mar 23 09:38:22 2014 -0600
summary:     Moved rotationalDampingFactor into each model, with a default if it is missing.  This way heli and quad can have different factors compared to most planes until I can improve the physics for rotating blade momentum.

date:        Sun Mar 23 08:41:28 2014 -0600
summary:     Fixes for Nexus 7 and mobile, fixed cg on FT_Racer

date:        Sat Mar 22 17:02:15 2014 -0600
summary:     Added aircraft FT-Racer to simulator. (A bit chunky, but basically accurate)

date:        Sat Mar 22 09:56:29 2014 -0600
summary:     Comments, reduced rotational damping for airplanes, increased for heli. Fixed FT Viggen canard to be 10 degrees, was 20, oops.

date:        Sat Mar 22 09:25:52 2014 -0600
summary:     Fixed missing file for Oculus support, changed title to be a web link to bring you back to my blog.

date:        Sun Mar 09 12:25:56 2014 -0600
summary:     Tweaked OculusVR, had to zoom in the view a lot to make it usable.

date:        Sun Mar 09 11:36:23 2014 -0600
summary:     Added OculusVR Support to the Simulator!

date:        Tue Mar 04 18:37:46 2014 -0700
summary:     Changed default for Wind to 1 m/s with 40% turbulence, very minor affect but helps with realism.

date:        Mon Mar 03 18:09:02 2014 -0700
summary:     Fixed bug in rotational Damping, forgot to restore it after choosing something other than Heli.

date:        Tue Feb 25 19:52:27 2014 -0700
summary:     Added Different texture for explosion on a target.  Kinda purplish.

date:        Tue Feb 25 19:45:21 2014 -0700
summary:     Finished landing gear on TREX450.

date:        Mon Feb 24 20:46:23 2014 -0700
summary:     Added random flat plate targets around the area to blow up with bullets or bombs.

date:        Mon Feb 24 19:19:58 2014 -0700
summary:     Got Heli flying much better by adjusting Inertial Tensor to simulate the effects of the rotating blades.

date:        Mon Feb 24 18:40:36 2014 -0700
summary:     Tweaks to Heli sim, increase damping, increase rudder force, adjust force by number of blades simulated in calc loop

date:        Tue Feb 18 21:38:25 2014 -0700
summary:     First working version of TREX-450 using wind on rotor for force calcs.

date:        Tue Feb 18 17:10:55 2014 -0700
summary:     Improved the wind due to prop on aircplane so that it is possible to do 3D hover.  Increased frequency of sound for EDF jet

date:        Mon Feb 17 17:42:50 2014 -0700
summary:     Added EDF jet FT-Viggen, started adding TREX-450 helicopter, not done

date:        Tue Feb 11 20:39:48 2014 -0700
summary:     Fixed force angle on main blades.  Needs Centrifical force calcs to stabilize rotation.

date:        Tue Feb 11 20:28:57 2014 -0700
summary:     First partly working Helicopter simulation.  Needs Centrifical force calcs to stabilize rotation, and needs proper force angle for main rotor head.

date:        Tue Feb 11 17:02:36 2014 -0700
summary:     Moved CG WAY back on 3D planes to make it possible to hover.

date:        Sat Feb 08 11:36:31 2014 -0700
summary:     Added touch support for Android tablets!

date:        Thu Feb 06 20:40:59 2014 -0700
summary:     made the aircraft settle on the ground better (instead of zeroing velocity, reduce by 20% when going into the ground)

date:        Wed Feb 05 22:19:25 2014 -0700
summary:     Moved CG back in 3D plane, reduced aileron max deflections for better control. Added the beginning of a fence, and changed textures for the better using textures from

date:        Tue Feb 04 16:43:33 2014 -0700
summary:     Changed both Gliders Elevators to be a full surface pivoting in the middle.

date:        Tue Feb 04 16:20:22 2014 -0700
summary:     Fixed bad calculation of aircraft max dimensions.  Added a friction term when plan is near stopped on the ground to keep it from blowing away in a very light wind.

date:        Mon Feb 03 19:16:07 2014 -0700
summary:     Fixed Air due to prop wash for Pusher case, and for Quad case.

date:        Mon Feb 03 18:35:44 2014 -0700
summary:     Quadracopter split rotation force to all 4 engines for rudder control

summary:     Huge changes!  Added Quadracopter, changed the way propellers are modelled so it is easier to do multiple propellers with rotations.  Improved deployment script to add a compiled date into the program.  Moved CG back on 3D aircraft, made flat wing model flat

date:        Sun Feb 02 12:36:43 2014 -0700
summary:     Made 3 channel glider have narrower and longer wings

date:        Sun Feb 02 12:36:08 2014 -0700
summary:     Moved CG back, and changed elevon movement range to improve flight realism

date:        Sun Feb 02 12:35:17 2014 -0700
summary:     Created black canopy for FT-22

date:        Sat Feb 01 13:55:22 2014 -0700
summary:     Returned wind arrows to full wind component instead of just the angular component

date:        Sat Feb 01 13:48:18 2014 -0700
summary:     MAJOR BUG FIX, found the instabilities (was caused by the angular component of the wind) and FIXED!

date:        Mon Jan 27 17:07:04 2014 -0700
summary:     Fixed php startup file.  removed deployment test file.  Fixed View modes so the near far works properly for drop test.

date:        Sun Jan 19 18:35:58 2014 -0700
summary:     Added 3 second countdown to Throw with sounds.

date:        Sun Jan 19 14:40:14 2014 -0700
summary:     Fixed the height of the FT-22 vertical stabilizers to be correct, improves flight performance.

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